Air vests and body protectors compared in eventing falls study

By | June 29, 2019
Paul Tapner together with Bonza King of Rouges come upwards to grief at Badminton Air vests together with trunk protectors compared inwards eventing falls study
Paul Tapner together with Bonza King of Rouges come upwards to grief at Badminton inwards 2017. Miraculously, both walked away from the accident. © Mike Bain

Analysis of eventing falls has flora that the role of an inflatable air jacket or vest was significantly associated amongst serious or fatal injuries yesteryear riders.

The findings were made during a retrospective analysis of FEI eventing information yesteryear Lyndsay Nylund equally the solid put down of a thesis at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Discipline of Exercise together with Sports Science, at the University of Sydney inwards Australia.

Nylund, a old international gymnast together with motorcoach who forthwith runs clinics grooming riders to autumn safely,  related the severity of the injury resulting from a autumn to whether the passenger was wearing an air jacket at the time.

Inflatable vests for Equus caballus riders produce got been available for several years. H5N1 gas canister, connected yesteryear a cord to the horse’s saddle, is discharged when the cord is pulled during a fall, inflating the jacket inwards a fraction of a second.

Air jackets aim to disperse the forcefulness of touching on inwards a autumn together with cut down compression of the chest.

Between 2015 together with 2017, 1819 riders savage wearing an air jacket together with 1486 riders savage piece non wearing an air jacket. Nylund categorised the injuries equally either ‘no/slight injury’ (3203 riders) or ‘serious/fatal injury’ (102 riders).

Statistical analysis of the information showed that the role of an air jacket was significantly associated amongst serious/fatal injuries inwards falls.

The enquiry has been published inwards the Journal of Science together with Medicine inwards Sport.

“Riders wearing an air jacket were over-represented inwards the per centum of serious or fatal injuries inwards falls compared to riders who solely wore a criterion trunk protector,” Nylund said.

He added that riders wearing an air jacket had 1.7 times increased odds of sustaining a serious or fatal injury inwards a autumn compared to riders non wearing an air jacket.

The findings enhance several questions, including the possibility that riders wearing air jackets experience ameliorate protected together with then accept to a greater extent than risks. Are air jackets existence worn yesteryear to a greater extent than advanced riders on to a greater extent than challenging courses?

Nylund suggests that farther travel is needed to empathise the reasons for these findings. He recommends that additional data on injury outcomes, passenger characteristics together with the biomechanics of falls hold out examined inwards futurity analyses, together with that air jacket together with trunk protector characteristics hold out farther investigated.

Equine Science Update

Do riders who habiliment an air jacket inwards equestrian eventing produce got reduced injury guide chances inwards falls? H5N1 retrospective information analysis. Nylund LE, Sinclair PJ, Hitchens PL, Cobley S. J Sci Med Sport. 2019 May 25. pii: S1440-2440(18)30588-7. doi:10.1016/j.jsams.2019.05.012


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