Ann Fonck and Spook A Little Win NRHA European Open Derby

By | September 21, 2019

Ann Fonck-Poels aboard Spook A Little (Andrea Bonaga)
Francesco Martinotti riding Rambo Bo Sun  Ann Fonck and Spook A Little Win NRHA European Open Derby
Cira Baeck scored a 224 aboard ND Spook N Whiz (Andrea Bonaga)
Francesco Martinotti riding Rambo Bo Sun  Ann Fonck and Spook A Little Win NRHA European Open Derby
Francesco Martinotti riding Rambo Bo Sun (Andrea Bonaga)
Francesco Martinotti riding Rambo Bo Sun  Ann Fonck and Spook A Little Win NRHA European Open Derby
Alois Kompatscher riding Jacs Bionda O Rima (Andrea Bonaga)

The €69,000-added Open Derby, open to 4-, 5-, 6- and 7-year-old horses, consisted of a qualifying go-round and clean-slate finals, totaled 125 entries.

58 horse-rider combinations made their way to the level 4, 3, 2 and 1 division finals.  Winning the €37,500-added level 4 open division was Belgian rider, based in Italy, Ann Fonck-Poels. Aboard Spook A Little (Smart Spook x Jessie Wright On x Lenas Wright On), owned by NRHA Million Dollar Rider Rosanne Sternberg and the second horse Ann qualified, the pair were next to last to compete in the finals. After performing a run worth 299, Ann picked up her first European Derby Open title! Owner and breeder Rosanne Sternberg was thrilled with the win. “This has been such a great little horse, and tonight, it’s all about girl power,” said the British breeder based in the U.S.

“This is the very first time I showed this stallion. It’s still so difficult for me to realize that I actually won the NRHA European Open Derby,” said Ann.  “I knew I had to run hard and he was there for me all the way.  Tonight was very special because my husband Bernard, who helped me greatly, unofficiallly surpassed the NRHA Million Dollar Mark.” Spook A Little previously earned third place honors with Bernard at the 2010 NRHA Germany Breeder’s Futurity, 2011 Italian Reining Horse Association Derby and 2012 Roleski 4 Spins Derby.

Two points behind the champion was Cristian Dalla Pozza riding Alessandro De Rossi’s Holly Jolly Sailor (Frozen Sailor x Smart Dolly Hickory x Smart Little Sultan).

Claiming the €21,000-added Level 3 Open Derby Chamionship was yet another Belgian lady. Multiple NRHA Non Pro World Champion Cira Baeck scored a 224 aboard ND Spook N Whiz  (Topsail Whz x Hustle Up A Star x Grays Starlight) owned by Gisela Haas. “This mare has always been good with me. We won the Belgian Futurity and also were reserve champions at the German Derby. Tonight her fast circles and deep spins were special, and just as special was the fact that I made the finals with two horses here.”

With a score of 222, German rider Nina Lill and Gunners Jem (Gunner x Scoots Remedy x Docs Remedy), owned by Kristina Maibaum, earned reserve honors in the level 3 open division.

It  took a run-off to determine who would take home both the €7,500-added level 2 open divison and the €3,000-added level 1 open division championships.  Francesco Martinotti riding Rambo Bo Sun (Bars Jacson Bo x Be Aech Sabra x Be Aech Enterprise) for owner Giulia Degiovanni and Alois Kompatscher riding Jacs Bionda O Rima (Jac O Rima x Talk About Jackie x Talk About Smart) owned by Karin Stoll both scored a 220.5 in the finals.

Marinotti and the 5-year-old stallion came back to win both titles after posting a 224.  “We had a penalty after the first lead change during the run-off, so I really didn’t think I could make it. This horse is simply a phenomenon and made up for that mistake big time.  It’ll be tough to find another like him,” said the Italian rider.

Kompatscher and the 7-year old mare had to settle for reserve honors in both divisions. “This mare has a big heart and I am really happy with the way she went tonight.  We didn’t end up winning, but it’s been a great evening anyway.”

Show Facts

The second NRHA European Derby offered over $125,000 in added money in the Derby, close to $5,000 added money in Pre Futurity and $8,500 in added money for the NRHA-approved ancillary classes. The Show attracted over 350 horses between the reins of riders representing 15 countries. The Open and Non Pro Derby counted 227 entries.

Complete results, News, Photo Gallery and more can be found on the official website:

Ancillary Action

Youth 13 & Under

1. RS Craggan More (McJac Flash x Harlan Glo x Duncans Candy Man) / Matteo Capello / Alberto Capello  / 206

Youth 14-18

1. MS Twist Whiz (Topsail Whiz x Twist Tie x Heza New Twist) /Martina Penato / Martina Penato / 211

2. Sounds Like Melody (OT Taris Melody x FG Sugar Peppy Star x Crown Royal King) / Andrea Costa / Aldo Lorenzoni / 206

Rookie Level 2

1. Mia Shiner (Shining Spark x Mia Amanda x Grays Starlight) / Petra Hoferkova / 210

2. Umabeprideenterprise (ARC Oak Enterprise x Katy Be Pride x Pepper Pride) / Gianluca Liotti /205

2. Whiz Golden Emma (Whiz A Gold x Alittle Sugar Please x Surprise Enterprise) / Roger Winkler / 205

€800-added Intermediate Open

1. Elvis Bo Sun (Bars Jacson Bo x Ima Smart Lil Tinker x Smart Little Lena) / Markus Schopfer / Franco Rosso / 215

2. CDS Independence (Spat Olena x RS Jenny Dry Alejos x Dry Doc Alejos) / Frank Perret / Frank Perret / 214.5

2. Hispanico (Spanish Snapper x Jody Frecles Bars x Good Time Colonel) / Aldo Lorenzoni / Silvia Frigeri / 214.5

€400-added Limited Open

1. Amarillo Crome (Custom Crome x Docs Little Beauty x Docs Gold Mine) / Matyas Grobert / Koen Brutsaert / 214.5

2. Wimpy Dual Step (Wimpys Little Step x Stella Dual x Dual Pep) / Mauro Maimone / Carlandrea Arlandini / 210

2. ND Kyowa Star  (RR Star x Craziness Oftouch x HR Max) / Jolien De Keukelaere / Christine Marre / 210

€1,500-added Non Pro

1. Spat A Blue (Spat Olena x ARC Joy Surprise x Surprise Enterprise) / Claudio Risso / Claudio Risso / 219

2. ARC Lime N Chocolate (Chic Please x Im In The Limelight x Shining Spark / Karin Stoll / Fritz Stoll / 214.5


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