Appaloosa Horse Club to host Daniel Boone (Sheltowee) Trail Ride

By | October 12, 2019

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The 24th Annual Daniel Boone (Sheltowee) Trail Ride will be held September 21- September 27, 2003, in the beautiful state of Kentucky. The trail ride maps the route Daniel Boone took while establishing forts in the state. Sheltowee, meaning Big Turtle, was the name given to Boone when he was adopted into the Shawnee tribe, and so marks the path of his adventures and exploration of the west.

This base camp ride will take place in Mammoth Cave National Park north of the Green River. For the five days at camp, riders will enjoy a different 20-mile loop each day.

"It’s not a competitive ride," says Embry Curry, Sheltowee Trail Boss, "Instead, people enjoy the scenery and one another. It’s a fun ride."

Many special guests and activities are scheduled for this year’s ride. Activities in camp will include live country music each evening, and a presentation by a local Native American about the history of Daniel Boone. Participants will also have the opportunity to join a tour of the Mammoth Caves or take a leisurely boat ride down the Green River.

Appaloosa Horse Club membership is not required and all equine breeds are welcome. Deadline for application is September 5th.

The Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) is the international breed registry for Appaloosa horses and is located in Moscow, Idaho. Since 1938, the ApHC has been dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the breed. Agile, intelligent and distinctively colorful, Appaloosas excel in a variety of events, and are beloved around the world for their even temperaments and reliability.

Contact: Shaunee Perry, ApHC Public Relations Coordinator, (208) 882-5578 ext. 229 or [email protected]; Anne Stott, ApHC Trail Department, (208) 882-5578 ext. 273 or [email protected] ; Embry Curry, Trail Boss, (859) 623-5631 or [email protected]


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