Charity makes impassioned plea to save Nigeria’s donkeys from skin trade

By | May 15, 2019
African donkeys seeking shade spell taking a pause from their operate Charity makes impassioned plea to salve Nigeria’s donkeys from peel trade
African donkeys seeking shade spell taking a pause from their work. The ejiao merchandise is threatening their real survival. © The Donkey Sanctuary

Nigeria’s authorities has been lobbied yesteryear the world’s largest equine charity, The Donkey Sanctuary, to safeguard the country’s national ass herd from “predatory interests” inward the lucrative ass peel trade.

At a populace hearing inward the House of Representatives, hosted yesteryear the commission on Agricultural Production in addition to Services, The Donkey Sanctuary made an impassioned plea inward back upwards of a nib yesteryear Hon. Garba Mohammed which would: “Prohibit the killing in addition to exportation of Donkeys or its carcass or derivatives out of Nigeria given their depletion inward numbers.”

For several years, Nigeria’s ass population has been targeted for its skins, which are used to brand a traditional remedy inward PRC known equally ejiao.

I his presentation to the committee, Simon Pope, campaigns director for The Donkey Sanctuary said: “Nigeria’s ass population is existence cutting downward in addition to harvested similar maize on an industrial scale for their skins. It is unregulated, unsustainable in addition to despite the export of skins existence prohibited yesteryear law, it continues unchallenged.

“Even traders are at i time claiming that donkeys are becoming ‘scarce’ inward roughly parts of Nigeria. With millions of people inward Nigeria dependant on working donkeys for their independence in addition to livelihoods, a stand upwards has to locomote taken at i time inward fellowship to safeguard this valuable livelihood property for both electrical current in addition to hereafter generations.“

African donkeys seeking shade spell taking a pause from their operate Charity makes impassioned plea to salve Nigeria’s donkeys from peel trade
Simon Pope (4th from right), Hon. Garba Mohammed (3rd from right inward brown) in addition to Linda Edwardes (6th from right) at the House of Representatives inward Abuja. © The Donkey Sanctuary

There was overwhelming back upwards for the Bill with members of the Committee only too from commutation Government Departments in addition to officials, including the Director of Veterinary Services who attended in addition to spoke at the hearing. During a coming together with the Speaker of the House subsequent to the commission hearing, The Donkey Sanctuary was informed that the Bill would kicking the bucket constabulary equally presently possible.

A news study from Jan 2018 quoted a butcher at the Nkwo Jakki marketplace inward Ezzamgbo inward Ohaukwu Local Government AreaPaschal Ogwa disclosed that to a greater extent than than 200 youths are inward the slaughter concern in addition to brand a bully bargain of coin each twenty-four hours equally “… most 2500 to 4000 donkeys are killed each day.” If correct, in addition to 2500 donkeys are slaughtered 5 days a calendar week at Nkwo Jakki, this equates to 650,000 donkeys a year, inward which illustration Nigeria’s 1.5 meg donkeys volition locomote gone inward fewer than iii years.

Nigerian media this calendar week reported claims yesteryear advocates of ass ranching or farming that their businesses volition re-supply the diminishing population. But The Donkey Sanctuary warned against roughly of the inflated claims existence made most the revenue that could locomote generated from ass farming, urging the manufacture to locomote realistic in addition to honest most the expected returns.

African donkeys seeking shade spell taking a pause from their operate Charity makes impassioned plea to salve Nigeria’s donkeys from peel trade
Poor people across Africa rely on donkeys for their livelihood, which is existence impacted yesteryear Chinese demand for the skins of the animals.

“At present, at that spot are no ass farms exterior China, in addition to thus this is an untested in addition to uncertain concern venture,” Pope said.

“It is a high-input (cost, time), low-output (low in addition to lengthy production numbers) farming organisation – donkeys stimulate got exclusively i foal every yr in addition to are exclusively fertile when reaching ii years old. Feed has to locomote bought, at that spot are vet bills in addition to export taxes.

“The claims made yesteryear the ass farming advocates that $2 billion tin locomote generated annually from ass production inward Nigeria practise non stand upwards up to scrutiny. With an average ass shroud fetching $100, a breeding herd of 13.5 meg would locomote needed from twenty-four hours i to generate $2 billion worth of annual revenue from ass skins. These claims are both misleading in addition to unrealistic. They too neglect to recognise the far greater value that accrues to donkey-dependent communities in addition to the rural economic scheme from a vibrant, flourishing working ass population.”

Millions of individuals, hundreds of thousands of communities inward Nigeria are sustained yesteryear the livelihoods provided to them yesteryear a ass over its 20+ years of service. “They provide something far to a greater extent than valuable to millions of people both equally a loyal, sentient existence equally good equally on a socio-economic level,” Pope said.

“The unrelenting demand for ass skins inward Nigeria has already impacted on the livelihoods of people who depend on donkeys for an income. The minority voices of opposition to the Bill stimulate got been drowned out yesteryear those determined to protect this valued in addition to precious resources for the Nigerian people. Nigeria has shown itself to locomote a leader with observe to curbing the peel merchandise in addition to nosotros promise other countries follow that lead.”


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