FEI names new Official Charity Partner

By | June 11, 2019
FEI President Ingmar De Vos amongst JustWorld International Founder in addition to President Jessica New FEI names novel Official Charity Partner
FEI President Ingmar De Vos amongst JustWorld International Founder in addition to President Jessica Newman at FEI Headquarters inward Lausanne, Switzerland, to grade a novel partnership betwixt the ii organisations. © FEI

Horse sport’s globe governing torso has a novel Official Charity Partner amongst the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) betwixt the FEI in addition to JustWorld International.

JustWorld International, formed inward 2002, is a non-profit organisation aimed at uniting the global equestrian community to render basic needs programmes to children some the globe focusing on didactics in addition to nutrition programmes.

Under the damage of the agreement, JustWorld International is designated an “Official Charity Partner of the FEI”. The ii organisations volition mutually promote their activities in addition to operate closely on evolution in addition to fundraising for the JustWorld International charity programmes.

“The FEI is really happy to bring together forces amongst JustWorld International in addition to sign this of import MOU”, FEI President Ingmar De Vos said.

“Our organisations bring a really potent connection, sharing the same values of promoting equestrian sport in addition to encouraging its evolution amid the youth. Through our Solidarity Programme ‘Sport for All’ nosotros assist children from populace schools in addition to from socially disadvantaged environments to bring access to riding activities.

“The partnership amongst JustWorld International volition permit us together to render incredible benefits to disadvantaged children some the world.”

JustWorld International Founder in addition to President Jessica Newman said the charity was thrilled to collaborate amongst the FEI “and together transform the lives of children through equestrian sport.”

“This has been a finish for JustWorld. We believe that working together amongst the FEI in addition to having their official back upwards volition bring a remarkable deport on in addition to farther heighten our charity programmes.”

JustWorld International supports to a greater extent than than 7000 children yesteryear providing access to life-changing programmes. It works through the international equestrian community in addition to its extensive networks to fund in addition to sustain programmes that render basic needs to children amongst lilliputian chance to have back upwards from other sources.

Their Rider Ambassadors parent awareness in addition to funds for their programmes, helping to give children a leg upwards to a brighter future.

The FEI’s MOUs encompass universal issues such equally FEI recognition, FEI Rules in addition to Regulations, Equus caballus welfare, code of ethics, commitment to democratic processes, consultation, FEI General Assembly, FEI Sports Forum in addition to meetings, governing law, dispute resolution, communication, in addition to implementation.

MOUs bring already been signed amongst the equine welfare charity World Horse Welfare, riders’ clubs, organisers in addition to officials associations. Although recognition yesteryear the FEI does non entail voting rights at the FEI General Assembly, the MOUs formalise the human relationship amongst the FEI, giving a vocalization to organisations working amongst the FEI inward the evolution of equestrian sport.


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