Hendra infection in Australian horse is southernmost case to date

By | June 14, 2019
A coloured transmission electron micrograph of the Hendra Hendra infection inwards Australian Equus caballus is southernmost instance to date
A coloured transmission electron micrograph of the Hendra, virus. Photo: The Electron Microscopy Unit of the Australian Animal Health Laboratory, part of the CSIRO scientific discipline means CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

A Equus caballus has died inwards New South Wales after contracting the Hendra virus.

A Hendra instance has never been recorded this far southward inwards the Australian Blue Planet before, together with it is likewise the start instance confirmed to the W of the Great Dividing Range.

The New South Wales Department of Primary Industries said the mare, who lived on a belongings nigh Scone inwards the Upper Hunter Valley, was unvaccinated. The Upper Hunter Valley is internationally known for its thoroughbred breeding industry.

The Equus caballus developed neurological signs on Friday, June 7, 3 days after beingness confined to a yard.
She was euthanised past times her owners after becoming unresponsive.

As the Equus caballus was unvaccinated together with had a abrupt attack of neurological signs, the owners contacted the animate beingness diseases hotline.

A district veterinary from Hunter Local Lands Services visited the belongings on Sunday, June 9, to collect samples for Hendra virus testing.

The bat-borne viral infection was confirmed past times the Blue Planet veterinary laboratory at Menangle 3 days later.

No other horses on the belongings are said to hold upward showing whatever signs of sick health. Their wellness volition hold upward monitored daily.

State wellness officers are labor guide chances assessments of people who had varying degrees of contact alongside the affected Equus caballus to decide their risk. People tin laissez passer on the axe contract the virus if inwards unopen contact alongside the bodily fluids of infected horses.

Tracing of Equus caballus movements inwards the previous xvi days volition hold upward undertaken together with a biosecurity guild is inwards house to command the drive of animals together with people on together with off the property.

Hendra virus infection is notifiable inwards New South Wales nether the state’s Biosecurity Act.

Most cases inwards NSW get got been on the northward coast, alongside a instance at Kempsey inwards 2013 beingness the nigh southern instance earlier the electrical flow infection.

There get got been 22 Equus caballus deaths inwards New South Wales every bit a upshot of Hendra virus on twenty properties since the start instance inwards the Blue Planet inwards 2006.

Most recorded cases inwards horses are farther north, inwards Queensland.

The concluding recorded Hendra instance inwards New South Wales was inwards an unvaccinated Equus caballus nigh Tweed Heads, merely about the Queensland border, inwards September concluding year.

Hendra, start identified inwards 1994, is carried past times fruit bats.

Horses tin laissez passer on the axe contract the virus if they consume grass or feed contaminated past times bat urine or saliva.


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