Mark Todd homeward bound for Equitana Auckland

By | June 6, 2019
 too Leonidas II set upwardly a spectacular outflow over the Cottesmore Leap Mark Todd homeward bound for Equitana Auckland
Mark Todd too Leonidas II set upwardly a spectacular outflow over the Cottesmore Leap at Burghley inwards 2015. © Steph Freeman

Eventing legend Sir Mark Todd is heading habitation to New Zealand later on this twelvemonth every bit a Star Presenter at the equine expo Equitana Auckland.

Todd volition hold upwardly presenting an exclusive Eventing Masterclass too eventide demonstrate on Thursday, along amongst several other teaching sessions too exceptional events.

 too Leonidas II set upwardly a spectacular outflow over the Cottesmore Leap Mark Todd homeward bound for Equitana Auckland
Mark Todd. © Mike Bain

Todd is a legend of eventing, amongst a career spanning to a greater extent than than xl years too innumerable accolades. H5N1 fixture at the highest grade of his sport, the 63-year-old has won all in that location is to win inwards his career too left an indelible grade on the history of eventing. He was named past times the FEI every bit the ‘Best Rider of the 20th Century’ too continues to target the transcend location on podiums unopen to the world.

He volition hold upwardly attention all 4 days of Equitana Auckland, from Nov 21 to 24.

“It is the starting fourth dimension time I convey been to Equitana anywhere inwards the the world too for it to hold upwardly inwards New Zealand is something quite special,” Todd said.

“There is ever a lot to soak inwards at an resultant that offers too thus much – from masterclasses to buying whatever your view desires too learning from some of the best inwards the world. I can’t wait.”

Equitana Auckland’s Kevin Hansen has known Todd for decades too says it is a existent process to convey him coming habitation for the iconic event.

“Sir Mark is the most extraordinary athlete,” Hansen says. “I dubiousness his achievements volition ever hold upwardly met past times some other rider. We are extremely proud to convey him come upwardly dorsum to New Zealand for Equitana this twelvemonth too can’t await to portion him amongst yous all.”

 too Leonidas II set upwardly a spectacular outflow over the Cottesmore Leap Mark Todd homeward bound for Equitana Auckland
Al Dunning inwards action.

US reining star Al Dunning is Equitana’s Star Presenter for a Horsemanship Masterclass on Nov 24.

Dunning has earned the undisputed championship every bit ane of the world’s greatest Equus caballus trainers. He has to a greater extent than than 48 the world too reserve champion titles individually too amongst his students, but he is likewise a talented coach, writer, trainer too mentor.

Dunning has been living too riding horses inwards Arizona since he was 8 years sometime too has owned too operated Almosta Ranch inwards Scottsdale, Arizona since 1970. He has received multiple honours over the years including American Quarter Horse Association’s Professional Horseman of the Year inwards 1997, the NCHA Zane Schulte Trainer of the Year abide by inwards 2003 too Western Horseman Magazine’s Horseman of the Year inwards 2017.

Dunning trained too showed the groovy buckskin performance Equus caballus Expensive Hobby, who was inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame inwards 2007, was the recipient of the 1996 AQHA Professional Horseman of the Year too was chosen every bit the 2003 NCHA Zane Schulte Trainer of the Year.

 too Leonidas II set upwardly a spectacular outflow over the Cottesmore Leap Mark Todd homeward bound for Equitana Auckland
Tristan Tucker

Equitana’s Dressage Star Presenter is internationally celebrated dressage too horsemanship trainer Tristan Tucker.

Tucker developed the TRT Method, an online preparation programme good regarded past times some of the world’s best riders.

“Every Equus caballus tin hold upwardly confident too relaxed. Your Equus caballus merely needs to know how to learn,” Tucker says. This is the ethos of all his run amongst horses.

The TRT method was designed past times Tristan to mentally educate horses to acquire by inwards the human environment. He specialises inwards wholesome preparation for riders too their performance horses, helping them to solve problems from tension inwards preparation too competition, through to Equus caballus shyness too trailer loading, addition everything inwards between.

Tucker is likewise a highly regarded Grand Prix dressage rider. He shot to fame inwards 2017 for his outstanding performance at the Olympia Horse Show inwards London. Tucker was born inwards United Kingdom but moved to Commonwealth of Australia every bit a child.

It was piece on a trip to Europe inwards 1999 that his the world changed. It was in that location he met his long-time trainer Morten Thomsen who inspired him into a novel agency of preparation horses. Thomsen introduced him to classical ways of preparation too riding every bit good every bit the “mysterious way” of circus trainers.

Tucker returned to Commonwealth of Australia too hones his skills working amongst the country’s best horsemanship gurus too “began to actually sympathise the horse”. With a growing concern at his Melbourne stable he was oftentimes starting upwardly to 100 horses from all sorts of disciplines too breeds.

In 2009 he returned to Europe to run for Tucker, attain his noesis too focus on his destination of beingness a transcend dressage rider. Word had chop-chop spread most his abilities too he was inwards demand for preparation horses, teaching too clinics across Europe too the United States.

In 2011 he started travelling to the Netherlands for preparation on Gronskovlunds Marquis, his Grand Prix horse, too a twelvemonth later on he moved in that location permanently but yet rides nether the Australian flag.

From his Langenboom (Noord-Brabant) base of operations he trains horses correct through to Grand Prix grade every bit good every bit teaching students who are competing at international grade piece likewise giving TRT demonstrations too clinics.


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