New ceremony for Queen’s equestrian statue

By | June 10, 2019
The Queen Elizabeth II Equestrian Monument New ceremony for Queen’s equestrian statue
The Queen Elizabeth II Equestrian Monument.

The world’s showtime equestrian statue of Queen Elizabeth II, a Canadian operate commemorating the 40th anniversary of her reign, is to hold upwards inaugurated at its novel location this week.

Canada’s Governor-General Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada volition inaugurate the Queen Elizabeth II Equestrian Monument inward front end of Rideau Hall’s master copy gate on Sussex Drive, on June 12. The statue, unveiled on Parliament Hill inward 1992 past times Queen Elizabeth II inward accolade of the 125th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation together with the 40th anniversary of her reign, depicts the Queen astride her Equus caballus Centenial. The Equus caballus was a gift from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to score their 100th anniversary inward 1977. The bronze statue is 1 together with a one-half times larger than life, standing at iv metres tall. The base of operations is made of granite from the Laurentians together with measures 3.7 metres tall, 4.3 metres long together with 1.5 metres wide. In total, the monument weighs 1225kg.

Wednesday’s ceremony volition every bit good include the RCMP Musical Ride together with music performed past times the Band of the Ceremonial Guard together with the Spitfire Brass Quintet of the Canadian Armed Forces.

British Columbia sculptor Jack Harman together with his staff of 10 worked for ii years to practice the monument.

Due to the major rehabilitation of the Centre Block on Parliament Hill over the side past times side 10 years, the monument has been temporarily relocated inward front end of Rideau Hall’s master copy gate. It volition hold upwards returned to Parliament Hill 1 time the projection has been completed. Rideau Hall is the official residence together with workplace of the governor-general, The Queen’s instance inward Canada, together with where she stays when she is inward Ottawa. It is non far from the RCMP stables, which are opened upwards to the public.

Centenial was a gift to the Queen inward commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the RCMP. On August 2, 1973, Her Majesty selected the Equus caballus — thence known every bit Jerry — from a grouping of 5 geldings at the RCMP stables inward Ottawa, Ontario. Jerry stayed amongst the RCMP for saddle Equus caballus together with Musical Ride grooming every bit per the Queen’s request. Sergeant Fred Rasmussen had trained the showtime Equus caballus gifted previously past times the RCMP to Her Majesty, Burmese, together with later on was given the responsibleness for Jerry’s training. The Equus caballus was presented to the Queen at Windsor Castle on May 15, 1977, together with renamed Centenial.

Centenial was the instant of 8 horses that accept been presented to the Queen past times the RCMP to date.


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