OIE steps in to help fight global donkey skin trade

By | May 8, 2019
Donkeys may hold upwards of straight or indirect work inward production too commercial activities OIE steps inward to assist deal global ass peel trade
Donkeys may hold upwards of straight or indirect work inward production too commercial activities. Specifically, they contribute to agricultural output too nutrient safety yesteryear transporting H2O too forage for other livestock, firewood too other daily needs to the homestead too agricultural products to the market. © Emmah Kwoba/OIE

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has called for improve implementation of standards to assist protect the welfare of donkeys, currently at guide chances because of the global merchandise inward ass skins, specially inward Africa.

“Considering the deport upon too consequences of the increased global demand too merchandise of donkeys too their products, the OIE encourages its members to implement international standards, non alone to protect ass wellness too welfare, exactly too to safeguard the livelihoods that depend on them,” the OIE said.

The motility has been applauded yesteryear the International Coalition for Working Equids (ICWE), which comprises of Brooke, The Donkey Sanctuary, SPANA too World Horse Welfare.

The coalition has been working inward partnership amongst the OIE on implementing the organisation’s standards on the welfare of working equids too working inward communities inward Africa where infectious illness has plagued the equine population, amongst reportedly thousands of ass fatalities over the yesteryear 3 months. These deaths convey farther depleted populations already decimated yesteryear the indiscriminate, too oftentimes illegal, slaughter of donkeys for their skins, which when boiled make a gelatine called ejiao, an increasingly pop Chinese remedy.

The coalition too marked World Donkey Day on May 8, which ICWE chair too World Horse Welfare CEO Roly Owers said existed for a reason. “These animals are intrinsic to the livelihoods of many millions of people.  So nosotros welcome the OIE’s tilt highlighting the involve for OIE standards on welfare, biosecurity, carry too slaughter to hold upwards implemented to assist protect the ass population inward Africa.

Donkeys may hold upwards of straight or indirect work inward production too commercial activities OIE steps inward to assist deal global ass peel trade
A typical ass cart waste materials administration team.

“Thousands of households rely on these donkeys for transport, traction too income generation. We make non withal know the sum extent of the deport upon of the ass enshroud merchandise inward Africa too of the loss of too thus many animals from disease, exactly ICWE members are create to back upwards communities too governments amongst technical advice to assist implement the OIE standards,” Owers said.

“We echo the OIE’s describe of piece of work organisation most reports of illegal carry too slaughter of these donkeys for a merchandise which needs to hold upwards to a greater extent than humane too sustainable.”

As business office of its mandate, the OIE develops international Standards aimed at improving beast wellness too welfare worldwide. These standards are developed inward a responsive, science-based too transparent procedure too published inward the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code, afterward beingness adopted yesteryear its 182 fellow member countries.

A specific chapter on Welfare of Working Equids has been adopted inward 2016 yesteryear OIE fellow member countries to complement the broad hit of standards relating to the welfare of terrestrial animals. It applies to equids, including donkeys, that are destined, used for, or retired from, traction, carry too generation of income. Even if they were non specifically developed for equids used to make meat or other products, many of them tin hold upwards implemented to improve the administration of their living weather condition too the handling of their diseases too injuries.


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