Paso Fino with problem

By | October 12, 2019

Story originally posted by: Michael Lowder, DVM, MS


I bought a 6 yro. Paso Fino Stallion about a month and half ago. When I brought him home to the ranch he had a runny nose and he was underweight and had a melonoma on his shoulder. I had him gelded and the tumor removed a week later. His runny nose went away but he’s lost even more weight.

I have been riding him for about three weeks now about 3-4 times a week. Now there seems to be a new problem with him. Sometimes when he’s just standing there he will start to sway like he’s drunk and it looks as if he is going to lay down. He’s also been stumbling alot when I lead him. I had his feet trimmed and shod and the farrier took off quite a bit of toe. That seems to help with the stumbling but what about the swaying?

I need to mention that the horse seems to do fine when I am riding. He hardly stumbles when he goes, but his front legs seem very stiff and the front feet hit the ground hard at every gait. He keeps his head very low to the ground as he’s going too.

One more thing of concern. We do live in a hot area but he seems to drink water more then any other horse I’ve seen. Any info on what could be his problem would be much apprecieated.



It sound as if your horses front hooves are sore for some reason. What is the horse’s weight now? Are you feeding him enough? Search this page for the articles on nutrition and see if you are feeding him in agreement with those guidelines given. I would also consider having the vet come out do to some blood work. This might let you know if the horse is anemic.

Good Luck,
Dr. Lowder


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