Priscilla Presley renews call to protect the horse breed Elvis loved

By | April 6, 2019
Elvis Presley riding i of his Tennessee Walking Horses at Graceland Priscilla Presley renews telephone squall upwards to protect the Equus caballus breed Elvis loved
Elvis Presley riding i of his Tennessee Walking Horses at Graceland. © Elvis Presley Enterprises

On Jan 10, 1956 Elvis Presley made his start recordings for RCA Records inward Nashville, Tennessee. That July, RCA released Don’t Be Cruel, the start vocal that Elvis’ publishers, Hill as well as Range brought to him to record, as well as most half-dozen weeks later, Go Boy’s Shadow was crowned the World Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horse at the National Celebration inward Shelbyville, only an lx minutes S of the Grand Old Opry.   

Elvis Presley riding i of his Tennessee Walking Horses at Graceland Priscilla Presley renews telephone squall upwards to protect the Equus caballus breed Elvis loved
Priscilla Presley. Photo: See Li, London/ Wikimedia Commons

Elvis loved music as well as he loved the Tennessee Walking Horse. During the fourth dimension nosotros lived at Graceland inward Memphis, Elvis oft enjoyed riding our Tennessee Walking Horses downwards to the gates to present them off to his fans – as well as walkers even as well as then reside at Graceland to this day. He loved the breed as well as then much that inward 1983 our household unit of measurement presented a one-time trophy at The Celebration inward his honor.

[The trophy was donated at the 1983 Celebration inward Shelbyville, Tennessee, every bit utilization of an exhibition upshot featuring Ebony’s Double, the lastly walking Equus caballus bought yesteryear Elvis.]

Thirty years later, nosotros were made aware that The Celebration had continued presenting the trophy each year, as well as nosotros contacted them to enquire for use of trophy to end as well as it live returned to Graceland. Unbeknownst to the Presley family, the present chose to utilization the Elvis Presley mention for xxx years to add together legitimacy to an upshot which is based on creature cruelty perpetuated yesteryear a painful practise called soring.

Soring is the intentional infliction of hurting to horses’ front end limbs yesteryear applying caustic chemicals such every bit diesel fuel, kerosene, as well as mustard petroleum or inserting sudden metallic objects into the horses’ hooves to accomplish as well as artificial man-made gait known every bit the “big lick.” It’s widely known that when Go Boy’s Shadow won the entitle inward 1956 he performed his natural gait, but when he came dorsum to win i time to a greater extent than inward 1957 amongst talocrural articulation weights as well as stacked shoes on his feet he performed a much higher footstep as well as fancier gait than he did earlier – as well as patch Elvis began lighting the acre on burn downwards amongst Don’t Be Cruel, soring began lighting Tennessee Walking Horses’ feet on burn downwards for the start time, as well as the practise grew rampant.

Elvis Presley riding i of his Tennessee Walking Horses at Graceland Priscilla Presley renews telephone squall upwards to protect the Equus caballus breed Elvis loved
Elvis Presley as well as his favourite horse, Rising Sun. © Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc / © EPE, Reg. USA Pat & TM Off.

Not long after I asked for the trophy to live returned, I became really active inward the movement to destination soring, as well as to operate yesteryear the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act, a mensurate that would better Horse Protection Act (HPA) of 1970. PAST would better the HPA to eliminate the utilization of the large stacked shoes as well as talocrural articulation chains that are integral to the soring process, supercede the industry’s failed self-policing organisation amongst licensed USDA inspectors at no terms to the taxpayer, as well as increase penalties for abusers who violate the law.

I’ve advocated for the passage of the PAST Act as well as made countless appeals to the House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy to convey the PAST Act for a vote, but he never did, because of a handful of federal legislators from Tennessee as well as Kentucky, whose crusade coffers pick out been filled amongst cash from violators of the HPA that pick out blocked the mensurate at every turn.

In 2016 I advocated for the enactment of a USDA rule that would pick out removed the heavy stacked shoes as well as talocrural articulation chains, as well as that rule was finalized yesteryear old Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, but it failed to live recorded inward the Federal Register, as well as was afterwards rolled dorsum yesteryear the Trump Administration, leaving the horses to a greater extent than vulnerable to abuse than ever.

Since that time, the USDA has allowed soring to run rampant, as well as has fifty-fifty removed a searchable database that allowed Earth to hit upwards one’s heed which trainers as well as owners were routinely violating the constabulary – keeping Earth inward the nighttime as well as allowing abusers to supply to the shadows.  But at that spot is promise – amongst House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), as well as Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) forthwith leading the U.S. House, the PAST Act has a risk to operate law.

I traveled to our nation’s uppercase inward Jan to run across amongst both Pelosi as well as Hoyer as well as conveyed the importance of this number to the American people, as well as the voiceless thousands of horses nosotros all help as well as then deeply about.  We pick out a invention to finally convey the PAST Act, reintroduced every bit H.R. 693, the “U.S. Senator Joseph D. Tydings Memorial PAST Act” yesteryear bipartisan Reps. Kurt Schrader (D-OR), Ted Yoho (R-FL), Steve Cohen (D-TN), Ron Estes (R-KS), Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), as well as Chris Collins (R-NY), named inward accolade of the writer of the 1970 law, who passed away lastly Fall, to a vote.

The pecker has garnered 177 cosponsors inward the House, but nosotros demand more, as well as nosotros demand the public’s help to present Nancy Pelosi as well as Steny Hoyer that the bulk of Members even as well as then back upwards the pecker that garnered 290 cosponsors inward the previous Congress, as well as I know nosotros tin orbit our goal. By calling 202-224-3121 or clicking hither to enquire your Members of Congress to cosponsor H.R. 693 y’all tin as well as volition brand the difference.


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