Public agrees that “Donkeys Matter” as artisan garden voted best at Chelsea

By | May 24, 2019
s Choice Award at the Chelsea Flower Show Public agrees that “Donkeys Matter” equally artisan garden voted best at Chelsea
“Donkeys Matter” has won the Artisan Garden People’s Choice Award at the Chelsea Flower Show. © The Donkey Sanctuary

The ‘Donkeys Matter’ garden has won the People’s Choice honour inward the Artisan Garden department at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show inward London.

The People’s Choice honour is oft regarded equally the 1 that agency the most, equally it demonstrates the personal alternative made yesteryear members of the public. The honour follows on from the silvery medal awarded to The Donkey Sanctuary’s garden yesteryear the judging panel on Tuesday. The demo ends on Saturday.

The ‘Donkeys Matter’ garden marks The Donkey Sanctuary’s 50th anniversary too is designed to showcase the charity’s international work. Using H2O equally its cardinal theme, the garden demonstrates how owning a ass agency access to clean, fresh H2O for some of the poorest too well-nigh vulnerable communities inward the world.

“What incredible tidings to destination a fantastic week! Our heartfelt thank you lot to everyone who voted for our garden,” said Mike Baker, CEO of The Donkey Sanctuary.

“This is a win non solely for us, simply for hard-working donkeys closed to the world. To our garden designers, Annie too Christina, give thank you lot you for showcasing why Donkeys Matter inward such a beautiful way.”

s Choice Award at the Chelsea Flower Show Public agrees that “Donkeys Matter” equally artisan garden voted best at Chelsea
© The Donkey Sanctuary

A key garden blueprint characteristic is a path traversing from bottom left to overstep correct representing the many journeys donkeys deport out on behalf of communities to back upwards their livelihoods. The garden likewise includes a shelter too a good amongst a dripping bucket.

It was designed yesteryear Annie Prebensen too Christina Williams too built yesteryear Frogheath Landscapes. The plants were grown yesteryear How Green Nursery.

The Donkeys Matter garden volition hold upwards brought dorsum to the charity’s international headquarters inward Devon where supporters too visitors tin savor the garden for years to come.

In places such equally Namibia, Lamu, Somaliland too Ethiopia, donkeys volition oft collect forty to sixty litres of H2O at 1 time. The unproblematic deed of a ass carrying H2O reduces the fourth dimension required to access it, freeing children to become an didactics too women to hold upwards economically active.

The planting of the ‘Donkeys Matter’ garden suggests the dry out Mediterranean climate, including Mediterranean Sea Holly (Eryngium bourgatii), Iris ‘Langport Wren’ too Lavender ‘Hidcote’ (Lavandula angustifolia). The color palette is claret, regal too silver, amongst bright, vibrant flowers bringing beauty too color to the garden’s harsh surroundings. The trees inward the infinite are Pine ‘Glauca’ (Pinus parviflora) too Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens).

s Choice Award at the Chelsea Flower Show Public agrees that “Donkeys Matter” equally artisan garden voted best at Chelsea
Annie Prebensen of Williams too Prebensen Garden Designs amongst the Chelsea People’s Choice Award for “Donkeys Matter”. © The Donkey Sanctuary

Designers Annie Prebensen too Christina Williams trained at the English linguistic communication Garden School inward London, too came together to ready their blueprint exercise inward 2008. Their run together has mainly been inward large individual gardens inward London too the South West of England.

In 2010 they won a Gold Medal too Best inward Show at RHS Chelsea Flower Show for an Artisan Garden, celebrating 10 years of the Two Moors Festival, a Devon based music festival. They both alive inward Exmoor, inward the South West of England.

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