Tentative hands up from 30 venues to host FEI World Championships

By | April 14, 2019
format of FEI championships that launched inward  Tentative hands upward from thirty venues to host FEI World Championships
The World Equestrian Games inward 2018 may last the final of the mega-format of FEI championships that launched inward 1990. © FEI

Countries from iv continents accept expressed involvement inward hosting FEI World Championships events inward 2022, amongst representatives from twenty countries in addition to thirty venues coming together at FEI headquarters for a workshop.

At the interactive workshop representatives from countries submitting expressions of involvement were  briefed on the benefits of hosting FEI such events, including the economical demeanor upon on the host urban marrow in addition to country, operational requirements, commercial opportunities, in addition to broadcast media rights in addition to trial promotion. They also learned most back upward from the FEI’s squad of experts across primal functional areas, in addition to the bidding procedure itself. Delegates from Europe, North in addition to South America in addition to Asia attended the workshop inward Lausanne, a get-go for the FEI.

“It is extremely encouraging to accept received hence many expressions of involvement to host the FEI earth championships 2022,” FEI President Ingmar De Vos said.

He said the new collaborative approach was inward trouble amongst the International Olympic Committee’s “New Norm” in addition to based on transparency, cost-effectiveness in addition to sustainability. He hoped that it would final result inward enterprise formal bids, exactly “the proof of the pudding is inward the eating!”

“Our sport has grown hence much that an all-discipline FEI World Equestrian Games has acquire besides large for many venues to host. By opening upward the bidding procedure for 2022 to unmarried in addition to multi-discipline bids, in addition to non excluding a total Games, nosotros believe that nosotros accept created a to a greater extent than enticing formula in addition to the high score of expressions of involvement suggests that nosotros are on the correct track.”

Following the workshop belatedly final month, which was attended past times to a greater extent than than seventy delegates, the procedure straight off enters the Candidate Phase, amongst a June 7 deadline for the submission of formal bids. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 shortlist of candidates volition in addition to hence last drawn upward past times the destination of June, amongst a draft host understanding provided to each of the shortlisted candidates.

Deadline for receipt of host agreements signed past times both the candidate in addition to relevant National Federation is mid-September, amongst candidates potentially existence asked to introduce their bids to the FEI Evaluation Commission over the next month. Final evaluation of all shortlisted bids volition last completed past times the destination of October, amongst recommendations provided to the FEI Board earlier resources allotment at the in-person Board coming together inward Moscow in mid-November.

The FEI World Championships accept a long heritage, dating dorsum to 1953 when the get-go jumping championships were held inward Paris. The initiatory earth championships inward dressage in addition to eventing were both staged inward 1966, amongst dressage inward Bern, Switzerland, in addition to eventing at Burghley inward Britain. Other FEI-governed disciplines followed.

In 1990, earth championships inward each of the FEI disciplines were combined in addition to the FEI World Equestrian Games were born inward Stockholm, Sweden, inward 1990.

Despite having 2 previous bidding rounds for the FEI World Equestrian Games 2022, no realistic bids were received and, every bit a result, the FEI Board final Nov unanimously approved the opening of a bidding procedure for private earth championships inward all disciplines for 2022, amongst preference existence given to multi-discipline bids. It was agreed that earth championships for Dressage in addition to Para Dressage should ideally last combined, in addition to bids to host the total seven-discipline FEI World Equestrian Games volition also last considered. The earth championships 2022 inward the Olympic in addition to Paralympic disciplines volition serve every bit qualifiers for the Paris 2024 Games.


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