Why ecosystems need horses and their cousins: Renowned ecologist brings message to NZ

By | May 6, 2019
 Wild horses on the Flowery Range inwards Nevada Why ecosystems take away horses as well as their cousins: Renowned ecologist brings message to NZ
Attention All: Wild horses on the Flowery Range inwards Nevada. The surface area is a mount attain associated alongside the Virginia Range inwards Storey County, as well as is named on trace organisation human relationship of wildflowers which bloom when watered past times melting snow. © Craig Downer

New Zealanders accept a rare chance to larn to a greater extent than nigh wild horses as well as related species as well as their house inwards the globe alongside the see of eminent wild fauna ecologist Craig Downer.

Downer, an potency on wild horses, is speaking inwards Nelson on Tuesday nighttime nigh the surviving members of the mammalian lodge Perissodactyla (odd-toed ungulates), which includes horses, tapirs, as well as rhinoceroses.

In their natural habitats, all perissodactyls play a major business office inwards the formation of salubrious soils, past times contributing humus through their droppings. They occupy many various ecosystems inwards the Americas, Europe, Asia, as well as Africa, ranging from tropical forests to savannahs to semi-arid as well as arid deserts.

 Wild horses on the Flowery Range inwards Nevada Why ecosystems take away horses as well as their cousins: Renowned ecologist brings message to NZ
A band of Kiger mustangs on the range. Kigers are a strain of mustang from southeastern Oregon inwards the US. © Craig Downer

Areas where these animals accept been re-introduced accept resulted inwards meaning restoration as well as enhancement of ecosystems. For example, horses accept late been reintroduced to restore degraded ecosystems inwards Spain, Romania, England, as well as Russian Federation – inwards the latter inwards lodge to stave off the deleterious effects of accelerating global warming past times creating tundra grasslands.

“With the serious reject as well as disappearance of species from all 3 extant perissodactyl families inwards the globe today, it is of vital importance that nosotros make all inside our ability to restore these mammals inwards many places throughout the world,” said Downer, who is a fourth-generation Nevadan as well as descendant of the state’s early on pioneers.

 Wild horses on the Flowery Range inwards Nevada Why ecosystems take away horses as well as their cousins: Renowned ecologist brings message to NZ
A Baird’s tapir inwards Belize

As highly mobile, one-stomach, post-gastric-fermenting herbivores, perissodactyls play a vital business office inwards many various ecological processes as well as should endure regarded equally a counter-balance to many ruminant species whose advertisement past times humanity has led to an imbalance inwards many of the world’s ecosystems.

Perissodactyl feces contribute to H2O retentivity inwards soils as well as serve to laid watershed capacity. And they likewise relate to the flat of soil nutrients that acquire available to producer plants and, through these plants, to consumer animals.

In his presentation, Downer volition present where geographical regions as well as ecosystems would make goodness most when members of the tapir, horse, as well as rhinoceros families contribute equally mutualist symbionts as well as ecological restorers.  Practical ways of protecting, preserving as well as restoring these animals are described.

Downer’s speech communication “The World’s Endangered Species Today Present a Crisis of Conscience for Humanity” is a plea for humanity to aspect to this crisis as well as brand fundamental changes.

A slideshow of “Wild Perissodactyls: Restoring The Restorers of Ecological Balance” covers the many contributions that members of the tapir, rhinoceros as well as Equus caballus families brand to ecosystems, piece signaling the threatened as well as endangered condition of almost all of the remaining 17 species as well as the reasons for this. Downer has studied as well as helped conserve the endangered Mountain, or Andean Tapir (Tapirus pinchaque) as well as both the wild horses as well as the wild burros of North America for decades, as well as volition nowadays master observations as well as his scientific discoveries as well as the primary findings of other ecologists as well as conservationists.

 Wild horses on the Flowery Range inwards Nevada Why ecosystems take away horses as well as their cousins: Renowned ecologist brings message to NZ
White rhinos, pictured inwards South Africa inwards September, 2018. © Fay Christie

A farther presentation “Wild Horses as well as Burros: Wonderful Restorers” reveals many of the positive contributions that naturally living equines brand to ecosystems. It proves their positive contributions to ecosystems as well as summarizes the facts as well as concepts that take away to endure recognized inwards lodge to gain a simply overview of these of import as well as evolutionarily deeply rooted presences inwards the North American life community.

Downer’s operate studying the Perissodactyls of the globe including the endangered Andean/Mountain Tapir as well as America’s wild horses as well as wild burros has been a life-long mission. He has written countless papers as well as articles on wild horses as well as the mount tapir, as well as is likewise the writer of The Wild Horse Conspiracy, nigh the plight of North America’s mustangs. Downed is likewise President of Andean Tapir Fund/Wild Horse as well as Burro Fund.


Downer’s presentation is at the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (0800 422 733) 322 Hardy Street, Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Block – Room Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 211, from 7.30pm to 9pm. (Parking inwards the street unless permits obtained for on campus parking). Email: [email protected]. His website is https://thewildhorseconspiracy.org/.










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